Support For Roku

Technical Support for your Streaming Device

Setting up Streaming Player

Support for setting up and configuring Streaming player. Installation of Streaming player had never been so easy.

Support for Streaming Stick

Streaming stick is just like a pen drive. Installing it is easy with your wi-fi setup.

Channel Support

Support provided for setting up and customizing the channels you want in Streaming player.

Streaming Setup and Support

Technical Assistance 24/7 and 365 Days for Streaming Player Installation and troubleshooting streaming devices

Channel Customization

We Streaming device Setup team will help you setup and customize channels in Streaming Player.

Wireless Setup

We Support for integrating your wireless router with Streaming device

M-Go Account Setup

We will help you configure Your M-Go Account

Netflix support

We Support for integrating netflix with roku

Support for Printers
Support for Printers

How to set up Streaming Player ?

There are a few steps to be followed before you can start using your Streaming player.

Please follow the below steps for setting up Streaming Player:
  • Find out whether the audio/video connection type available in your TV is HDMI, Component or composite type.
  • Connect the roku player to the TV using the respective cable.
  • Find out whether you have a wired network or wireless network.
  • Wired network requires a physical cable connection to the Streaming player, whereas wireless connection just need a user name and password.
  • Power adapter should be connected.
  • Switch on the power to get the setup screen.
  • When asked for network option, just choose the appropriate option to connect to the internet.
  • Streaming player automatically downloads and installs the latest software.
  • Once software installation is over, Streaming Player reboots.
  • It restarts and displays a start up screen.
  • Create a new Streaming account
  • Login and setup a payment method.
  • Channel customization also could be done here.
  • Now the linking process is completed.
  • After the lining process, Streaming refreshes to display a congratulations screen.
  • Now your Streaming player is ready to use.
  • For assistance in any of the above steps.

Issues that arise in streaming devices

Streaming Devices can be used on a couple or more networks. There are certain technical issues that may arise while using Streaming Devices due to pinging failure, configuration error, error while connecting to the internet and adapter or network settings, etc. We offer prompt and efficient solutions to all the issues befalling Streaming players. Here are the issues that usually arise in Streaming player:

  • Streaming Devices name and logo jumping on the TV screen.
  • Unable to connect to the internet.
  • Streaming player not getting connected to the router and giving error 011.
  • Unable to activate Streaming Devices set up.
  • Unable to play Netflix on Streaming player, as Netflix allow unlimited movies and videos.
  • The power light is not coming on the Streaming player.
  • No signal is showing up on the television screen.
  • DVD screen is showing up while using Streaming Devices in an unclear way.
  • Streaming Devices is not working or unresponsive.
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